Discussion Groups

The Challenges of Contemporary Capitalism and the Political Economy Project

Jointly organized by
Facundo Alvaredo, Ingrid Bleynat, Pilar Piqué
University of Buenos Aires – Paris School of Economics – King’s College London

The Discussion Group targets a broad audience: young scholars in the social sciences (not only Economics, but also Sociology, History, Political Science, Anthropology, Philosophy, etc., who usually finish their undergraduate and PhD degrees after very little contact with Classical Political Economy), as well as those from the natural sciences with an interest in the development of economic ideas and their philosophical roots. The meetings are not about a chronological description of doctrines, anchored in the past, as canonically presented in the textbooks on the history of economic thought. On the contrary, they seek to contribute to our understanding of contemporary capitalism, for which, we propose, it is necessary to study the historical development of central economic concepts. We argue that only the continuation of the living yet dormant Political Economy project offers the keys to understand the challenges of our historical present, where the main conflict is who plans whom.
Description and references, here.