The objective of our research and teaching is the analysis of economic and social phenomena considered in their historical time perspective. The activity of the “Economic and Social History” thematic group of the Paris School of Economics is part of the François-Simiand Centre for Economic and Social History, which brings together researchers from several institutions

An initial premise of the research conducted at the François Simiand Center is that economic history is defined by its object, and not by the methods it applies: the economic phenomena and spheres of economic activity that exist today all have a history. It cannot be defined in terms of methods, be it those of historians or those inspired by the routine practices of economists. Analysing the duration of these phenomena, in return, brings to light and takes into account moments of rupture, crisis and regime change that are central to their historicity. The second ambition of the Centre Simiand is to open up economic history to the full range of social factors at play. Though the problems studied call for a common approach, a dangerously wide gulf has formed between economic and social history over recent decades.

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